Active for more than 25 years in the field of electromechanics, Elmec is now focusing its activities in the field of connected objects such as its popular EVduty electric vehicle charging stations and its revolutionary electric and self-driving tractor-robot Erion.

Creativity and Technology

At Elmec, management and the engineering team are constantly looking for solutions to customer needs. Improving existing products and developing new ones are daily priorities. Our vision for the future is based on object connectivity that leads to the development of efficient, economical, practical and ecoresponsible technological solutions.

Our solutions are based on three complementary technologies :


Compiling, transmitting and archiving all data captured by the instrumentation

Intelligence artificielle

Analyzing and processing collected data and defining actions to be carried out by the systems and applications

Objet connecté

Communicating required actions to different connected tools for execution


For All Your Residential and Commercial Needs

Surprisingly compact and light, the EVduty charging station is robust and certified! EVduty chargers come in three models (Standard, Smart-Home and Smart-Pro). Two pluggable variants, NEMA 6-50 and NEMA 14-50, as well as a hardwired version (without plug) are available for all models. The EVduty mobile application allows the management of smart charging stations and grants access to public charging stations of the EVduty network

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The EVduty Brand

The EVduty adventure at Elmec began in 2012, when there were barely 2 or 3 plug-in vehicle models available on the market. The leadership’s cutting-edge vision made it possible to identify the strong growth potential of the plug-in vehicle sector. Constantly evolving, Elmec closely follows developments in this sector and adapts its range of charging products to better meet the needs of the market. EVduty products stand out for their durability and competitive prices.

Right from the time it was introduced, the EVduty charging station became the most popular charging station in Quebec. Today, nearly 35,000 EVduty stations are in operation every day throughout Quebec and in several other Canadian provinces. With a quality product – designed specifically for nordic conditions -, reassuring after-sales service and the growth of the plug-in vehicle market, sales are constantly increasing.

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The EVduty Current Sensor

The Simple and Money-Saving Solution When Your Electrical Panel Is at Full Capacity

The smart current sensor allows you to install an EVduty charging station without having to up your electrical panel’s amperage capacity. It reads in real time your home’s energy consumption and sends this information to one or more smart EVduty charging stations electrically connected to the same panel. The charging station(s) can then adjust its/their demand for charging current according to electricity availability. Your electrical installation is thus optimized and your car charges according to the current available on your circuit.

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The Electric and Self-Driving Tractor-Robot

Reduced human labour, operating costs and environmental footprint. Increased yield


The Best of Your Land, the Best of Our Technology

Erion is a 100% electric self-driving and remotely controllable tractor-robot on which are installed automated and functional agricultural tools, as well as electrical systems which replace conventional hydraulic systems. Thanks to its revolutionary design, the tractor-robot is much lighter than traditional equipment, which significantly reduces soil compaction – in addition to greatly limiting the need for agricultural labour.

A Cutting-Edge Vision of Agriculture

Thanks to its vast knowledge of agriculture and its expertise in digital and robotics technologies, Elmec offers through Erion tailor-made solutions that adapt to the reality and challenges of agricultural production in order to increase yield while reducing not only human labour, but also operating costs and the environmental footprint of conventional technologies.

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